Vision Statement

Our Vision

We are a welcoming Catholic community which stimulates a zest for life and learning inspiring all to be the best they can be. We flourish in a safe, dynamic and inclusive atmosphere where innovative collaboration empowers excellence.

Our Mission

We bring our faith to life by accepting the challenge to act justly, humbly and tenderly.

We work collaboratively to create a contemporary sustainable and personalised curriculum focussed on excellence.

Diverse skills, talents and passions are nurtured in a safe, rigorous, creative and restorative learning environment.

Our community models compassion and empathy in our global neighbourhood.

Our Values

Our values are guided by the teachings of Christ whose presence we recognize in our daily lives and in the world around us. We believe that all children are capable of learning and are entitled to achieve their potential as members of a safe and equitable learning community. We commit to a restorative culture, which builds and maintains positive relationships