Google Feedback:

"A wonderful community and family orientated school. Very welcoming. I love it as much as my children."

Feedback from a past student - Katelyn:

"I started in Year 4 at St Kevin's. Being a new kid, I immediately felt out of place and was concerned with how I would fit in. Still to this day, almost 9 years later, I keep in contact with several of my peers. St Kevin's changed my life. They welcomed me in, in so many ways I could not have begun to explain. Every year, I volunteer back at the school. It is the only way that I can think of to say thank you, to give back some of my time. I can only hope to impress upon, not only current students but future and past, just how once you're a part of the St Kevin's community, no matter what you do or where you go in life, you will always be a part of it and will be welcomed back with smiles and open arms, just like I was, all those years ago as a stranger."

Feedback from past parents:

Dear Frances,
We write as an 'past family' of St Kevin's. Our son Joshua attended St Kevin's in Grade 6 and Katelyn from Grades 4 to 6. We had only moved to Victoria from WA.
Last year Katelyn graduated from high school. This gave us pause for reflection, particularly on the effect Catholic education had on our children and on us as a family. For background perspective, please know despite being active Catholic parishioners, choosing a Catholic primary school wasn't a default action. Joshua and Katelyn had had a satisfactory foundational experience at a Catholic primary school in WA, however now given the opportunity to explore options with a better understanding of our children's needs while choosing a school that we felt best enhanced the values that we were trying to teach as a family, it was some time before we chose St Kevin's.
At the time, the educational systems between WA and Victoria were quite different. Joshua and Katelyn thrived at St Kevin's while we adjusted to this new methodology. It was exciting for them to be a part of a pedagogy that valued gifted and talented education. St Kevin's values of acting justly and walking humbly with God have contributed to Joshua and Katelyn's growth and development. Both of them are smart, caring, emotionally and intellectually intelligent global citizens.
We are unsure of how many 'original staff' are still at St Kevin's that may have interacted with Joshua or Katelyn; however we wanted to write to say thank you. St Kevin's was a great school and we, as parents are grateful for the challenges and opportunities it gave to Joshua and Katelyn in many forums over their time there. Certainly they came to know, that being gifted or talented was a value to cherish.
Joshua is currently completing his third year of Bachelor of Biomedicine at Monash University with the strategy of going on to study medicine and specialising in Third World Medicine. Katelyn has begun a Bachelor of Science at Deakin University and wants to specialise in Marine Biology. Both of them have a strong commitment to social justice and have undertaken immersion trips to the Philippines, East Timor and Northern Australia in line with these values.
We hold St Kevin's in high regard for developing the values of justice, compassion, excellence and service in our children. For this, we are very thankful.
Thank you
De-anne and Tom

Feedback from Doncare about our Kitchen Garden program:

Dear Sean,
On behalf of all at Doncare, please accept our sincere thanks for the generous donation of fresh fruit and vegetables for our Information and Emergency Relief Program. Please extend our thanks to everyone involved in the tending and harvesting of the crops.
The Information and Emergency Relief Program's resources are stretched to the limit and your donations will help us to assist those people within the City of Manningham who are experiencing financial difficulties. With government funding tighter than ever, and a growing demand for assistance from clients, we are constantly in need of community support, and your contribution of fresh produce will make many families very pleased.
The following is a comment from one of our clients who accepted the food today:
"Doncare is a fantasitc service and has helped me put food on the table for my family when I had no money in the bank. The fresh food allows me to cook some meals for my children that they can enjoy. I appreciate the assistance from Doncare and the workers are always friendly and caring." LK
We are truly appreciative of your generosity and look forward to working together into the future.
Yours sincerely
Doreen Stoves AM PSM JP - Chief Executive Officer
Barbara Zeller - Information and Emergency Relief Program Manager

Feedback from a student:

Thank you for giving me such good support and help during this unit. I have been really enjoying it. One reason why I have been enjoying it so much is because you're always there, whether it's to give feedback in saying what I can do better with, or what I have done really well with. Also because you always give us a chance to express ourselves, and show what we can really do.
I will keep working on my goals, thank you.

Feedback on Twilight Sports:

Awesome evening. Proud to be a St Kevin's parent. I cannot believe how good these kids were. Win lose or draw. So encouraging of each other. Thanks heaps to all staff.